With iPloyee.com you no longer need to allow salary cost to hold back your business...

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iPloyee.com supplying UK Business with dedicated web developers, book-keepers and admin support from our fully managed offices in the Philippines at a fraction of the UK cost.

You no longer need to allow salary cost to hold back your business. With iPloyee.com by your side, sourcing degree educated staff from as little as £6.50 per hour with no hidden charges, small print or long term commitment.

Our parent company has benefited from overseas employees in the Philippines since it’s inception. We have an established infrastructure and robust recruitment processes having already employed over 100 people in our two and a half years in the Philippines. We are now in a position to share this successful resource with other UK businesses in the form of an iPloyee.

Benefits to UK business
  • No recruitment costs
  • No UK minimum wage
  • No employers NI
  • No employers pension
  • No insurance costs
  • No expensive equipment outlay
  • No HR issues
  • No small print
  • No hidden costs
  • No long term commitment
Other companies who outsource in the Philippines

Interview with Mark Hennesey from HBW Engineering, about his experience with iPloyee...

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