The Philippines is consistently voted the world's number 1 Outsourcing destination...

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Benefit of using the Philippines

iPloyee is based in Cebu, Philippines, home to the main University for Graduates in Accountancy, Business Administration and Web Development for that region. Cebu boasts some of the largest call centres in the world, translating to hundreds of thousands of potential workforce who are currently transacting on behalf of some of the worlds largest international corporations.

Other companies who outsource in the Philippines

IT Outsourcing in the Philippines is growing at an annual rate of 30% and the country is consistently voted the world's number 1 Outsourcing destination


The Philippines is a Christian country with a comparable Western culture that has been shaped by over 500 years of Spanish & American influence

Service Oriented

Polite employees with world class customer service

English Speaking

English is the primary language for business and education in the Philippines. The Philippines is also the third largest English speaking country in the world with over 80% of the nation speaking fluently

Hard Working

Filipino professionals are by nature loyal, reliable, hard working and customer-centric taking great pride in their work with a natural focus on quality assurance.


Over 130,000 IT students graduate each year from internationally recognised universities

Benefits to UK business
  • No recruitment costs
  • No UK minimum wage
  • No employers NI
  • No employers pension
  • No insurance costs
  • No expensive equipment outlay
  • No HR issues
  • No small print
  • No hidden costs
  • No long term commitment

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