At our aim is to more than halve the costs of having a UK employee...

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iPloyee & the benefits to your business

Sourcing the right individual to meet the recruitment needs of your business is becoming increasingly difficult in the UK with near full employment and the ever spiralling costs associated with being an employer. (link to cost of employee calculator) And let’s face it the ever increasing minimum wage is rarely reciprocated with an increase in talent, motivation, dedication or loyalty; in fact some argue the opposite!

Clearly cost is a motivating factor in your decision to source an iPloyee. At our aim is to more than halve the costs of having a UK employee but it doesn’t have be the only deciding factor. Outsourcing to save costs or apply a quick fix to an operational problem may well work in the short term but at we believe that placing a particular emphasis on the relationship objectives of all stakeholders will lay the solid foundations necessary for a credible sourcing strategy which will pay dividends for years to come.

Benefits to the Employer

A degree educated, motivated employee

Zero recruitment costs typically saving 15-20% of the annual salary

Zero employers NI contribution saving £1647 on a 20k salary

Zero employers pension contribution which is set to treble in the next 2 years

Zero sick pay

12 days holiday per annum

No UK minimum wage

No insurance costs

Saving on office utilities

Saving on expensive equipment

UK point of contact

All iPloyees are monitored in terms of timekeeping and output.

Flexible working hours to reflect your operational needs

Access to an iPloyee 52 weeks a year

No Human Resourcing issues

No long term commitment (30 days notice in the unlikely event you wish to terminate your agreement)

No small print

No hidden charges

In addition to the benefits above you will also receive a basic level of cover when your iPloyee is on annual leave at no additional cost to you.

iPloyee & the benefits to your business

We spare no expense to ensure your iPloyee is motivated to perform their work effectively and efficiently providing a secure, air conditioned workplace with fast internet, best technology and equipment following best IT practices.

In addition to providing an excellent working environment, we care for your iPloyee with the following benefits which ensures you remain an employer of choice and helps to retain an ambitious, motivated work force.

  • Intellicare medical insurance
  • Lunch provided daily
  • Transportation from work to home

There’s no need to worry about working across timezones. Your iPloyee will work when you work, or when you need them to work. So there’s no need to worry if they are awake or online as you might have to do with a remote worker or virtual assistant.

Normally with a remote worker, standard measures of management go out the window as you are unable to monitor them in one physical space. Your iPloyee however is office based and their timekeeping and output is monitored by an office based iPloyee manager.

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